Sea Bee Key

by Tyler Akin

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Bree Morcroft
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Bree Morcroft Great to hear some fresh material! Two pop-rock explosions here that don't disappoint. Love the big bold intro on 'Sea Bea', really sets the tone and is backed up by an infectious chorus & powerful end. Banger. Takes a few listens for 'Key To The Summer' to grow, but once it does, there's no losing the hook from my mind. Feeling a slight American Hi-Fi vibe, wouldn't be out of place as the 'party' track in a college style movie. Boy gets the girl, and party they shall. Great tracks all round. Favorite track: Sea Bee (feat. Michael McGough).
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released July 28, 2015

Artwork by Andrea Wyatt



all rights reserved


Tyler Akin

Producer/Artist living in Tucson, AZ

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Track Name: Sea Bee (feat. Michael McGough)
You don't want me to go
But you know I can't stay here
The tub is half full
It won't seem to drain clear
My body's a wreck
Just fast food and cheap beer
I believe in love
Just not yours for me dear

It's easy to see
That the bathroom floor with your phone
Is your midnight sanctuary

So what am I supposed to do
What am I gonna say

I'm not giving you my love
When I know that you'd just give it away

And every time I close my eyes
(I'm a man of space and)
You're with that foreign guy
I know he's cool
With the way he talks
And that perfectly tailored suit

Things don't turn out the way you think they would
Or even how they should
And you never told a lie
That you couldn't cover up
If drinks were to be bought
And lips were to meet
I don't want you thinking
I'll be saving for a ring
So medicate, levitate
Track Name: Key To The Summer
You have red lips, tight hips, key to the summer
Boots and cut off jeans, key to the summer
I dont't know if you know it girl but I want you bad
Don't you remember me from a few years back

There's an old bar on the east side of town
Where all the Friday girls get spun around
They have a house band that plays pretty good tunes
And thats when I saw you, my key to the summer

Love in the evening never felt so good
So come a little closer, yeah you know I would

Fill your cup and sing it out
I know you know the words by now
I want a sip of your cinnamon whiskey lips
These summer nights
I'll remember for the rest of my life

Yeah so I've tipped a few back
But my eyes see straight
I do not have moves like Dave
But at any rate
Baby lock your arms around my neck
Because I don't want to lose
My key to the summer

Hey baby, you have that July heat
You have that 'zona sweet
There isn't any time for sleep
Hey baby, you have that clear blue sky
You have that canyon creek
The shake I can't deny